Lone Survivor

Recently I watched Lone Survivor and I was blow away.  Based on real events the film tells the story of a US Navy SEAL team sent to capture a terrorist only to be found out and forced to fight for their lives.  This is one of those films that draws you in and keeps you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.  This was not the typical Hollywood fluff film, this was hardcore truth, and in my opinion one of the best military films produced in the past ten years.
The film is the adaptation of the book by Marcus Luttrell the man who Mark Wahlberg plays in the film.  Though I have not read the book, I have seen several reviews saying that the film holds true to the book very well, and Marcus Luttrell himself says the same so I hold this film in high regard for it portrayal what what happened.
The film isn’t made sappy with unnecessary music, or CGI, it’s just hard and gritty and takes you into the lives these brave men lived and make you understand that just because you don’t always hear about what happens you need to understand that there are people out there putting their lives on the line everyday.
Personally I think everyone should see this film at least once, even if your not into military films, just see it to have a real appreciation for what happens in war and understand that there is bad in the world but even in the worst moments good can prevail and you should always try to look for the good.
Now having said all that let me just say how good this film was from a personal standpoint.  For more than ten years I have had a deep seeded hatered of Mark Wahlberg, I just couldn’t stand him and would avoid films he was in as much as I could.  In the past few years I have softened up on him but still avoided his films to some extent.  This film has changed my mind on him, I can honestly say that I no longer dislike Mark Wahlberg and will be willing to give his films a chance, he’s done some great work in the past few years and this film is his best yet in my opinion.  So yes, see this film, I know I will be buying it in the near future.
Also while we’re talking about great work let give a shout out to the USO and donate some money to help them continue their great work, just click the USO image below to be taken to the donation page.