Well I watched Lockout and I was pleasantly surprised.  I went into this film half wanting to see it and half not want to see it, but once it came up on Netflix Instant I gave it a shot since I wouldn’t be out more than a little time and bandwidth.  The film is a little cheesy while still being somewhat believable, albeit totally over the top.

The story was decent and was able to hold my attention, though if I gave it a second viewing it would most likely be fairly boring.  It had some decent surprises throughout yet never anything too surprising.  The acting was actually very good, Guy Pearce, Maggie Grace, and Peter Stormare were perfectly cast for their roles, though I wished Peter Stormare had a bigger role he can add so much more to a film with his amazing talent.  Also the CGI was great.

The things I didn’t like about this film were some of the little things that most people probably wouldn’t pick up on, things like the fact that in 2076 they are still using smart phones that look exactly like the smart phones we have today.  Also they built a massive prison in orbit around the earth that can hold thousands of maximum security inmates and looks to be as tall as a sky scraper and yet the International Space Station is still in orbit and is the same size that it is today.  Side note the ISS is scheduled to be shut down de-orbited around 2020, so it wouldn’t even be there in 2076.

Now this part doesn’t really bother me, I’d just like to point it out, there are some obvious references to Escape from New York & Escape from L.A., not that it’s a bad thing, I just wanted to point it out.  Let’s see if this sounds familiar, former good guy gone bad get’s caught and is offered a deal to save the President’s daughter in a maximum security prison that the prisoners can’t escape.  He takes the mission, get’s wounded, proves to the President’s daughter that under his tough guy he had a heart, then rescues her a second time after she gets herself caught, then get’s the both of them to safety and get’s a full pardon.  Then we find out that he’s got what they wanted all along and instead of turning it over he walks away with it.  Basically the film is a mash up of Escape form NY & L.A. in space.  Even with the running jokes and bad one liners.  Yet I won’t say it’s a bad film, it’s worth a one time watch.  So I say give it a shot, if you’ve got some time to kill sit back and watch, if your a Snake Plissken fan then you might just enjoy this film.