Like A Nightmare

Go to sleep and dream of you,
And the pain starts anew,
I thought I was past this,
Feelings I thought I could dismiss,
One passionate dream,
Brings back pain supreme,
Another round in hell,
The devil rings his fucking bell,
I see your face every day,
But my heart I must not obey,
Years past I didn’t make you choose,
Now I am the one who must loose,
Never destroy a happy life,
To make her your wife,
And so I sit and let it begin,
The thoughts of sin,
Misery is my fate,
Silently I shall carry this weight,
The time has passed,
That I could have asked,
Some day I shall set sail,
Without ever saying farewell,
I’ll disappear into the black,
And never turn back,
You’ll always be in my heart,
But we’ll always be apart.