Les Misérables

Well I just finished watching the 1998 film version of Les Misérables, and having never seen it before and having no idea what it was even about, I have to say WOW. It was great, I’m very sorry I waited this long to see this one. The acting was great, Liam Neeson and Geoffrey Rush played off each other perfectly, Claire Danes played the innocent love struck girl wonderfully, and Uma Thurman was her usual ugly ass self with a fairly good performance for once. The sets for this film were amazing, and what make it even more amazing it that they were done in Prague, not that there is anything wrong with Prague, it’s a beautiful city and very up to date, it’s just when you think Prague you don’t think settings that can rival Hollywood. I guess that’s what you get when you use the real buildings instead of props!

And yes I know they changed the story up a little bit, and left out a few things from the novel, but over all it was the same basic story.

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