KITT is dead.

Well I got a call today just before 9:00 A.M. from my mechanic who I sold the Firebird to and he said “you need to get down here now”. When I got to the shop I found out how bad it was, all the lines were rusted and had blown out on the test firing, and the under body and frame were so rusted out that the frame had twisted. So it was decided that there was no way to save it, it was just way to far gone. So we called the scrap yard, they came picked up the car, gave me a check for $320.00 since he hadn’t transferred the title yet, so I watched them take it way one last time then went cashed the check and gave the money to Rocky (my mechanic). So there you have it, I just had to send my dream car to the scrap yard. When I got home, I had a beer and just sat there for a while depressed, this is just the shittiest day.

There it is, the last time I saw my car.

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