Killer Elite

Well I just finished Killer Elite and while it’s not the best film I’ve seen and it leaves a lot to be desired it was still a great film and worth a rental. I have to say it was refreshing to have an action flick with a decent plot, to really describe it is would be a very well written story wrapped with some great action sequences. The only reason I’m not totally sold on the film is something I can’t explain, I was never really drawn into the film so much as I was just watching it, and the whole thing just left me wanting something more with out knowing what that something was. The acting was great though it did seem limit De Niro and Clive Owen who could have provided so much more to a film dominated by Jason Statham, who is by no mean a bad actor it just seems a little excessive. Like I said it’s a good watch and worth the rental but I don’t think I’ll ever buy it, even from the $5 bin at walmart.

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