Justice League: War

I have to say I was little disappointed in Justice League: War, don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the film but it was not as good as most of the other DC animated films I’ve seen.  It’s a fun film with lots of action, but sadly lacking in story.  Despite the title this is not a real Justice League film in the traditional sense, this is how all the members of the Justice League came together, except Aquaman isn’t a member, and yet Cyborg and Shazam are…well that’s different!
Not much of one really, a bunch of superheros who’ve never met come together to fight Darkseid, and end the end find they are a good team, all the while telling a little bit of origin story for a few of the hero’s but not all of them.  Basically this film is driven by action with a little story sprinkled on top.
Well it’s all voice actors so there really isn’t much to say, they did a good job matching their word to the moving mouths.  I’ve seen some other review complaining about the voices sounding wrong, I didn’t notice that, while I knew Batman and Superman were not voiced by Kevin Conroy and Tim Daly respectively the voice actor they chose didn’t bother me.
Not much of any, but what there was was fine, it never pulled me out of the film or seemed inappropriate for the moment.
It’s worth a watch if your into the DC Comics universe, it’s not the best but it’s not nearly as bad as Batman & Robin by any means, there are no Bat-nipples.  So I say give it a shot and rent it before you by it, unless you just want to own everything DC puts out, in which case please click below to make your purchase and help support this site!