Justice League: Gods and Monsters

Justice League: Gods and Monsters takes an interesting twist on the origin stories of BatmanSuperman, and Wonder Woman, it take place in an alternate universe where the characters are very different and so is the world they live in.  Batman is a half man half bat that drinks blood, Superman is the son of General Zod, and Wonder Woman was married to Darkseid‘s son.  The Justice League rules with an iron fist, and is willing to kill, leading to the world turning against them.  It’s a totally different take on the Justice League but I have to say I liked it.


Overall I liked they way this story was done, it never really lost me and flowed at a good pace.  I liked the fact that there were flash backs for all three of the Justice Leaguers at different times of the film to tell how they came to be the person they became.


Well it was voice acting, and as much as I love Kevin Conroy and Tim Daly I don’t think their voices would have worked as well for these characters.  Also there is the fact that the charterers are much different people than they are in the Justice League we all know and love.  Benjamin Bratt as Superman was a good choice, not to far off from the voice we all know but just different enough to let you know it’s not our Superman, same for Wonder Woman with Tamara Taylor voicing her, it was close enough to to the Wonder Woman we all know that it played well.  As for Batman I like that it sounded nothing like the Batman we know, he’s the only one in the group who was completely different in every way, casting Michael C. Hall with his monotone voice was perfect for the Batman of this universe.


Well it was a DC film so music wasn’t really an issue here, yes it has some music but it never really did anything for me so I can’t really say anything other than yes it was there, not that it was bad just that it never really grabbed me.


Justice League: Gods and Monsters is another great film from DC, it sits up there with Under The Red Hood and The Flashpoint Paradox, both excellent films from DC.  One thing I must note though, this is rated PG-13 for a reason, there is murder, blood, and a little language, so if your going to let you children watch this one make sure they can handle that before hand.
If your like me and a fan of the DC Universe then you should definitely see this film.