John Carter

Well I just finished watching John Carter And I have mixed feeling about it.  First the story was interesting and was the film adaptation of A Princess of Mars (1917), The CGI was amazing as you would expect these days, the non-CGI cast was good nothing really stood out but they didn’t suck!  The one thing I’ll say about the cast is Taylor Kitsch (A.K.A. John Carter) looks a lot like Timothy Olyphant‘s character in Justified Raylan Givens.

Second for what I didn’t like about it, the film never really drew me in, most of the time I felt like I should be watching this, but not like I want to watch this.  The story did seem to jump around a lot and if you didn’t pay attention you could miss something and get lost.  Lastly the film is 132 minutes long and thankfully I watched the first hour before going to work then finished it when I got home or else I don’t know if I could have sat all the way though in one sitting, I had a hard enough time watching with a break in between.

Now I’m not saying that this was a bad film, not by any means, I’m just saying it was an alright film that is a one time watch and a rental only.  I saw that the sequel has been put on hold due to poor box office sales and honestly I’m neither surprised or saddened by that, one film was enough.

3 thoughts on “John Carter

  1. Michelle Gilstrap says:

    I live in Los Angeles and many people at Disney lost their jobs due to this film and the lack of box office quality and performance. You are on the mark when you said it wasn't a good film, that was evident in its poor performance.

  2. Mike Oplinger says:

    Sarah, I'm glad I could help!Michelle, I didn't know people lost their jobs over this film, that's sad, bad films happen just move on and try again, don't fire everyone over it. Oh well, not our call.

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