J. Edgar

Well I just finished watching J. Edgar and it was just alright.  The acting was good, with a cast like that it better be good!  Leonardo DiCaprio play Hoover very well, he’s totally believable.  The historical pieces that were placed throughout the film are great, it’s done in a way that doesn’t draw you out of the film but just helps move it along.  One of my biggest issues with the film is that it drags on and on, at two and a half hours it was just to long.  It was like a senile old man talking to an empty chair, there is no one to stop him so the crazy old guy just keeps talking to the empty chair thinking he’s telling the greatest story ever told.  My second issue with this film is the fact that the makeup used to make the cast look like they have aged was terrible, it totally drew me out of a film that was barely holding my attention as is.  I’d say skip it, it’s long, boring, and gives nothing new if you know even just the basics of J. Edgar Hoover.