Interstellar, the story of a man who dreams big, but lives small, and gets to fulfill his dreams to save humanity.  I’m just going to let my bias be know right up front, I really enjoyed this film and will be adding it to my collection.
The visuals throughout this film are beautiful and amazing to behold, every scene is such a must see that you will be sucked into the film and forget everything else.  The locations chosen for film were perfect, when they are on an alien planet, you believe it because the landscape seems so foreign.  And when the film is in space inside the ship, you can almost feel the claustrophobia that the astronauts are feeling.  The entire film almost seems like it’s alive it’s so well shot.
The audio for this film was another huge hit, the music had to draw you in while not being overbearing, which is difficult to do, but Interstellar pulls it off beautifully.  One great example is, a scene in space, there really isn’t that much you can do, but Interstellar has the perfect music that raises you tension just enough to keep you on the edge of your seat.
While there is no one in this film that would draw me to see the film, I have nothing bad to say about cast, well other the fact that Alfred (Michael Caine) and Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) where in my science fiction film, I never saw any acting that drew me out of the film.  Matthew McConaughey basically is the film, he is the sun and the other actor orbit around him, his performance was so well done that at one emotional scene I even got choked.  McConaughey and Hathaway played well off each other, and made for a very convincing performance from both.  The rest of the cast supports the film in times of need when you need a break from the main stars, and all the while they drive the story forward without taking anything away from your experience.
Alright people let’s just get this strait, it’s science FICTION not science fact, a lot of people have blasted this film for inaccuracies, what they forget is that some times you have to suspend your belief and just try to sit back and enjoy a good story.  Until you can tell me what happens in the middle of a black hole and back that explanation up with cold hard facts, I don’t want to hear it, the writers guess is as good as yours.  My guess is that the people who have to call out every little problem in the film are also the people would think reality TV is unscripted and politicians never lie.  So I guess what I’m getting at is if you can’t suspend belief a little and just enjoy a good story then you may have to skip this one and go back to you tinfoil lined “anti-surveillance” room.
On the “Review” side of Story (sorry for the rant) it was wonderfully written, and even as long as it is manages to hold your attention.  Yes it’s a little out there at times, and not everything makes sense right away, but by the end of the film your questions will be answered but you will be left with one last question, you think you know the answer but your never sure, and I love that about this film.
Interstellar is a great film, don’t let the length scare you away, the time will fly by before you know it.  I love this film, and I think the vast majority of people will enjoy it also, the only people who may not enjoy it are scientists who can’t suspend their belief and just enjoy a film.  The science is never to over your head, and yet it’s not dumbed down, it’s just make understandable to the non-scientists viewers.  I’d say give it a shot, take a Saturday night, pop a big bowl of popcorn, and sit back and enjoy one hell of a film.