**Warning** I will be talking about the ending of the film so if you have not seen it and wish to do so please stop reading. Why haven’t you stopped reading? No really stop!

Ok so now that I know no one is reading this there I was with this Thai hooker and all of the sudden she wipes out her cock and I’m like “I’m going to need another shot of jack and some lube for your ass” and so….oh shit are you reading this? Never mind all that it’s all bullshit….So I watched the film Inception a few days ago and it’s been bugging me ever since I finished it, the ending was so weak! The whole film was a little hard to follow but not to bad, but that ending! I saw that coming from a long way away, As soon as I found out that his wife was dead I knew he was still dreaming, I hoped I would be wrong but deep down I knew.

There was so many ways that they could have taken it that would have been so much better! First Michael Cain could have set the whole thing up just to see if his daughter was murdered or not and that was why he suggested Ellen Page. Second Ellen Page could have been his wife in disguise to try and see what he did to her. Third the whole thing could have been set up by his partner to get him to confess to the murder in his dream so he could testify in court that it was murder. I know that last one was weak but it’s still better than the bland ending that they gave! I expected so much more from Christopher Nolan, I was very very very let down.

And again the Thai hooker thing never happened….

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