In response to the events in Dallas

With the events in Dallas it’s clear that we need to change the way we handle things.  The blatant hate and racism in our politics today is dividing us not making us great, and the hate being spewed by the radical portion of the Black Lives Matter moved is spurring violence, it started with rioting and looting and destroying property, but it has led to people being shot on both sides.

I’m not blaming one side or the other, we’re all to blame for the state our country is in.  I’m also not going to say that all Black Lives Matter protesters should be judged by the actions of the Dallas shooter, or the people rioting and looting and destroying property.  I believe that the majority of the protesters are peaceful and have legitimate concerns.  I’m not going to say that all law enforcement should be judged by the actions of those who used deadly force, I believe that most law enforcement officers are good people just trying to do an extremely tough job.

Black Lives Matter needs to stand up to the extremists in their midst and stop them from spreading thier hate, using ignorance and hate won’t make the situation better it will only make it worse.  When people see the actions of the extreme group they tend to label the whole group by the action of the extreme minority.  It’s time for Black lives Matter to stand up to them and stop them, only then will people take them seriously and listen to what they have to say, until they do their words will fall on deaf ears.

Police departments nationwide also need to step up and train their officers better, there need to be more than a physical to get into a police academy, there needs to be physiological screening, and after than training on how to diffuse situations without deadly force.  And after a cadet becomes an officer that person should be subject to regular physiological screening and constant training.  And society as a whole needs to understand that the police have a very tough job and show them respect, if the police don’t feel like their under constant attack then they can relax a little and won’t be so prone to use deadly force.

We the people black and white, police and civilian, need to stand up to those spreading their hate, both on the right and the left, and take back our country from them so we can sit down together and work on these problems like rational adults.  We’re better than this America, now start acting like it!