I wonder.

I wonder if anyone has even red this blog. I mean really it would be weird if random people were reading this, but who knows. I should tell my freinds about this so they can read about my time wasting pathetic life. I know I can’t spell.

On the time wasting thing, if you ever have the urge to go to Fightfest, don’t. If you really want to go don’t pay $65.00 bucks for 4th row floor tickets like I did, get some in the stands, then the few good fights (two in my case) are worth the money. The only thing that saved the promoters from being strung up by their toe nails was the fact that they got Saliva to play a 40 minute set before the fight. By the way Saliva is a good live band, even in the Canton Civic Center they still put on a good show, plus I thin they blew a speaker, can’t beat that.

So getting back to to topic, if your reading this right now let me know, you don’t have to be fancy about it and I won’t respond unless you ask me to or ask a question or some shit like that, just put something like “I read your blog” or “I like cheese” I’ll get the idea.

You get a cookie if you just put “Goat”

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