How adblocking is hurting sites like this one

Why do I say this?

Well it’s simple really, I pay for hosting with SiteGround and while it’s not a huge amount it’s still over $100 per year and that money has to come from somewhere.  At the moment I’m paying for hosting out of pocket, I own Galway IMT LLC which is the legal owner of this site, and to keep things going I’ve invested money out of my own pocket to pay the bills.  The problem is I don’t want to keep doing that forever, so I use Google Adsense, and Amazon Associates, and I’m selling my movie collection on Ebay, I’ve even added PayPal and ChangeTip buttons to the side bar on the right, I’m not trying to make my fortune with this site, I just want it to pay for it’s self.

What can you do?

Well for one you can turn off your adblocker or at least white list my site, and of course click on an ad once in a while.  You can also buy through my Amazon links, did you know that if you click on one of my Amazon links then buy something else instead of what I was offering I’ll still get a commission?  Yep, even if you don’t buy what I offered you but you still buy something I’ll get a commission on that sale, it won’t be as much as if you had bought what I offered but it will be something, and that would help me pay my bills.  You could also buy one of my movies I’m selling on Ebay, just go up to the Shop Tab and click on the Ebay Tab, that will take you to my profile page where everything I have for sale will be listed.
If none of that interests you you could always donate to the site though the PayPal or ChangeTip buttons, They are not there for show, they are they for you to say thanks for the content and to help support this site.

What is the issue?

Advertisers today have forgotten that people don’t like in your face flashing advertisements, so they put them out on the ad networks and annoy the user to the point where the user gives up and installs and adblocker.  Should you block those kinds of ads?  In my opinion, yes.  I visit a few sites that run those flashing, pop up ads and I’ve installed adblock (not AdBlock Plus) and instead of white listing sites, I blacklisted those sites that run those kind of ads, in total I’ve only blacklisted 5 websites.  What I have done on top of that is written to all 5 of those sites admins and told them that I have blacklisted them in adblock and if they want me to whitelist them they need to change their ad format, and that in the meantime I will find other ways to support them.  See that’s the thing, if I’m going to still visit their websites and read their content or use their service I want to support them, but I won’t support their horrible ads.
This is the issue today, to many people are installing adblocking tools then thinking the internet is free, it’s not people, trust me.  If you want the content and services you love to continue you’re going to have to support the sites.  If a site is running the kind of ads you hate, write the admin and let them know, tell them you want to support their site but the type of advertisements they run has to change.  If the advertising industry sees that no one is clicking on the annoying ads, but is clicking on the simple non-annoying ads then they will change their tactics and stop showing the annoying ads.  If people just keep blocking ads then the advertising industry will just come up with a new way to present ads that will circumvent adblockers and then they won’t learn their lesson.

What happens if everyone still just keeps using adblockers?

Well first the sites that host the content and services you love will go down, then the advertising industry will suffer a little, but don’t think you’ve won at that point.  The advertising industry will just come up with new ways to show you ads, and the websites of the world will do what no one wants to do and put up paywalls.  Just think that great content and those great services you’re using for free right now will put up paywalls and then you’ll ave to pay whatever the site owners decide.  Sure you can opt to not pay what they ask for and try and find another site, but wouldn’t it just be easier to face the problem now instead of destroying the open and mostly free system we have now?

In Conclusion

Please remember that small website like this one depend on ad sales, affiliate sales, and donations from users like you to keep going.  Yes we do this because we love it, but love doesn’t pay the bills, so please use the suggestions I’ve mentioned above, change the advertising industry and don’t hurt the content creators and service providers.