How about a gun license?

With the debate about weapon sales going on here is the USA I thought I’d just throw out an idea I’ve had for years.  A gun license.  Lets face it you have to have a drivers license to legally drive a car and cars kill more people every year than guns, so why the hell not?

Every state could issue a gun license just like a drivers license, and of course you’d have to pass a basic gun safety course and test just like drivers ed and the DMV drivers test, then if you pass you get a gun license.  You could even have endorsements for Concealed Carry, Pistols Only, ect… and the FBI background check could be done at the time you take your test and then it’s not on the gun shops to run the background check, all you’d do is show a valid gun license and you can buy a gun.  Then every two years you go and renew your license and go about your merry way.

And yes I know this won’t solve gun violence, I know someone determined to get a gun will find a way to get one, I just think this could provide a good standard for gun ownership and since the government wants to enforce all these rules on guns maybe they should have to take a little or ownership of the process.