How Abbie from CareerBuilder is a lie.

So as anyone who reads this blog and has read the posts Trying to decide what to do & I’ve decided what to do knows I’ve been looking for work for a while now, and so of course I have profiles on CareerBuilder and Monster.  From time to to time I get emails from Abbie at CareerBuilder saying some company is interested in me, and of course I usually apply thinking that I have a good chance.  Well after applying to several of these companies I started to wonder about “Abbie” and if these companies really were interested in me.

After never hearing from any of the companies that were interested in me I decided to contact one of the interested companies.  I wrote out an email to the H.R. department of the company I had just gotten an email from “Abbie” about, explaining the email from Abbie at CareerBuilder and that I had not gotten anything back from any of these companies that were interested in me.  I attached a copy of my resume and asked if they had looked at it and if they had actually expressed interest in me.  The next day I received an email from the H.R. Dept saying that there are three people in the H.R. Dept and none of them had seen my resume or even recognized my name.  Also I was told that the only positions they are looking to fill in no way match my qualifications.

So I have come to the conclusion that CareerBuilder can not be trusted with there recommendations and especially not anything from “Abbie”, now I’m not saying I won’t use CareerBuilder anymore but I will not trust anything they send me as a recommended job.  I don’t know why CareerBuilder is do this but it must be they get paid for clicks, and I understand they need to make money but if they sent honest and accurate recommendations rather than junk recommendations that just waste time then maybe they could beat Monster and all the other job finding sites and become the most used and trusted site rather than just one of many in the crowd.

**EDIT** Just to clear up some confusion, I know that Abbie is not a real person and just a dumb bot.  It would be nice if the dumb bot was improved so that it could make better recommendations.