Happy Thanksgiving…

Well first Happy Subjugation of the Native American People Day!

Now that that shit is done let me say I have always hated thanksgiving and now I have even more reason to hate it. First my grandma (my dads mom) was rushed from the nursing home to the hospital due to vomiting blood, so there is that. Then at around 4:00 P.M. I found out that my moms mom (I refuse to use that other name for that evil women) finally after two weeks died a painful death.

So as if I needed another reason to hate this holiday now every fucking year I’m going to have to hear about how she died on thanksgiving. So as if she wasn’t evil enough in life she used her death to make my most hated holiday even worse for the rest of my moms life (she will be the one who will bring it up)….FUCK!!!!!!!!!


P.S. please don’t say your sorry to hear about the dead one, I don’t really care, I only care about my mom and how she’s handling it. If you would like to say something about my grandma being in the hospital then thats fine, but I don’t care either way, if no one says anything trust me I won’t be hurt at all.

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