Grudge Match

Grudge Match is a film about a pair of aging boxing rivals are coaxed out of retirement to fight one final bout, 30 years after their last match.  It’s a comedy/sports film that will make you laugh but it’s not a pure comedy.  I really enjoyed this film, I wasn’t laughing throughout the film but when I did laugh I laughed hard.  It’s kind of funny seeing De Niro from Ragging Bull and Stallone from Rocky come together for one more boxing film, only this time it’s two guys you’d never expect to see in the ring.


The story was good and believable, it tugs on the right heart strings and makes you laugh at the right times.  It’s a bit like Rocky, and down and out former boxer gets the chance to prove himself in the ring and still has time to fall in love, and bring his old trainer out of retirement to help him, and in the end fight the high roller other boxer.  The film poke fun at some of the stuff done in the Rocky films and has some cheesy one liners but it holds up and never really get old.


I’m just going to be honest, there isn’t much, so I can’t really say anything here.


Stallone plays Rocky, he’s just in Pittsburgh this time.  Some people don’t like Stallone but he’s a fine actor and did a fine job here.  De Niro plays the white Apollo Creed, he showboats and taunts but ultimately fights.  Another fine performance from De Niro, he really knows how to sell it.  Kim Basinger plays Adrian, Rocky’s love but this time with a little twist.  Basinger plays it fine, I’ve never been a huge fan of her work but she is fine here.  Alan Arkin plays Mickey, he even has the hearing aid!  Arkin is great, he’s a pervert and a hard ass all at the same time, I love it.  Kevin Hart is Don King, he’s an asshole and the butt of the joke.  Normally I don’t really like Hart but this time he was perfect, he made you hate him while still laughing at him.  Over all the acting was fine, everyone sold their parts and made for an enjoyable watch.


If you haven’t seen Grudge Match I suggest you rent it, it’s worth it.  It’s not going to be the film you want to keep going back to over and over again but you’ll enjoy watching it, you may even enjoy watching it a second time later on.  I’d say give it a shot.