Gortaítear ach fós deartháireacha

An outsider brought along
Stays quiet because he doesn’t belong
Mocked and ridiculed all in good fun
Though he was having none
His back throbbing with pain
For his brother he will remain
The night is done and he wants to go
Then she delivers the crippling blow
Everyone laughs
As he grasps
Threats made against him for a while
He tries to just maintain as smile
All he wants to do is leave
Then her second blow he does receive
Everyone is held back by a brother
Though not her lover
Hurting in every way
He just wants to get away
Rage fills his brain
As he tries to restrain
He gets out clean
His smile the perfect smoke screen
He had tried to play nice and be her friend
But now that all comes to an end
He loves his brother till the end of days
But for now they must part ways
It is not the end, brothers fight
He just needs some time before you reunite
As always he’ll pull though
Live True.