I just finished watching the film Goon and I have to say it was damn good!  The fact that is loosely based on a true story makes it even better.  Seann William Scott play his part of the lovable yet dimwitted enforcer perfectly, Liew Schreiber is the past his prime enforcer, grumpy old man and plays the part perfectly.  The story was good and kept me engaged, and had the perfect amount of ups and downs to really draw you into the story and make you want to see how it ends.  This was just a great film and I now regret having put off watching it for so long, if you haven’t seem it give it a shot, just put the kids to bed first!

BTW special nod to Kim Coates as the coach, I don’t know why but even thing I see him in I like, I may not like the film but his character I will always like.  He’s just an amazing actor.
“I’m scared to death, and totally hard” – Tig

Tig always has the best lines!