Google’s Project Zero

First of all if you haven’t heard about Project Zero click HERE to read about it.

Now that you’re up to date, I think this is a great idea. First of all having a group dedicated to finding the flaws in systems and getting them fixed before they cause trouble is a great idea, personally I think this should have been done years ago. Also I think that while it’s good that Google is funding this and keeping it in house, I would prefer if this were set up independent of any one company. I’d like to see this set up as a separate entity from any one company and have it funded by all the major tech giants, that way they have can say “we fund it, but we don’t run it exclusively”, then no one can feel like they are being targeted.

I do have to say I love the idea of hiring the best hackers and having them in a safe place to find the flaws, then having the legal backing of Google to release what they found. I would just prefer if it were independent and they had their own legal team, and all of it was funded by all the major tech companies. Think about it, no one is going to cry foul when something is found if everyone is funding this, and that clears up most of the potential legal headaches resulting in less money spent on a legal team. It’s a win win. But for now we just have to be happy that it’s being done at all, and at least it’s being done by Google who love them or hate them does seem to try to do the best thing s for the internet and it’s users.