Google Music.

Well I got my invitation to Google Music when I got home and so of course I accepted right away. After accepting the terms of service and all that fun stuff, I was prompted to download the Google uploader. So I did and then entered my login for my Google account and it asked me where I stored my music so I told it then I hit next and the damn thing started scanning my hard drive! Needless to say I got a little pissed and so I hit cancel and disconnected the internet. Then I went ahead and read some background info on the stuff and not only is it not telling you what it’s scanning, but it’s run by a third party! So let me get this strait I just downloaded some third party software from a company I’ve never herd of, and let it scan my computer, possibly scanning personal documents that I don’t even store on Google Docs! Well to hell with that!

I uninstalled the program and de-authorized my computer on the website. I don’t mind uploading my music to the website but I like to have some control over it, and I like to know when a damn third party is getting my Google account information! Oh and by the way the Beta is free but once it’s out of beta you have to pay, I’m sure it won’t be a huge fee but I can’t see paying for this when I can listen to Pandora or plus I have Pandora on my phone and XM radio in my car on top of the AM/FM radio and CD player. Basically Google Music is a complete FAIL.

Now I’ll offer a tip for Google Music, offer a service where you already have the music and I can create playlist’s, you can play an advertisement every once in a while to pay for the usage rights or hell you can even charge for the service. I’m not going to pay to listen to music I already own on CD’s but if I had to pay five or ten bucks a month to listen to an entire library of music, then I’d consider it. And once Google Music go’s the way of Google Wave maybe you can give this a try, I really wish you would just do it now since I was really excited when I got my invitation, and really let down and pissed off when I saw how you were running everything.

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