Google is axing more services!

Well it’s official, Google is axing more services. Here’s the articale with the list of cuts for this round: Google Axes More Services: Jaiku, Buzz, Code Search & More. Ok first of all Buzz is the only one I’ve used in this list, and most of the others I’ve never even herd of. The bigger point for me is why should take the time to learn a new Google product since they will just kill it off once I get the hang of it. That having been said, I don’t think they should kill Buzz, I think they should take it out of Gmail (which was a dumbshit move in the first place) give it it’s own website and let it operate like Twitter. You would still want to have it integrated with Google Plus like it is now, but also have it’s own page so people can just follow it like they would Twitter, really I think if they had done that from the beginning it could have worked, and if they were to do it now they would have to stick it out for a year or two to get people to understand it and use it more and more, and we all know that will never happen since the people at Google have the patience of an eight year old with ADD after eating a pound of sugar and drinking a two liter of mountain dew.

It’s sad really, Buzz really could have been something if they would have given it a chance.

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