Good day gone to shit and 200,000 miles on the Vibe!

Well today started off good, woke up early, felt good, got to the Rep early and got out before 10:00, smooth drive to Mansfield, smooth drive home, got Adam to IHOP to try and get him to get a job there and I think he’s going to try for it, then went home and relaxed and watched some Netflix. Then I decided to go out and top off the gas tank so I’d have full tank for the run tomorrow (tonight for you day walkers) and at 5:44 A.M. I hit 200,000 miles on my car (2005 Pontiac Vibe) so up to then it was a good night. Heres a picture of the odometer just for shits and giggles:

Then I pulled into the gas station to get gas, and had to go inside and who’s behind the counter but my ex-girlfriend who cheated on me, and broke my fucking heart! Oh if there is a god he just can’t let me have a good fucking day can he? The worst part is she looked better than ever, and seemed so happy. Great so now I’ll be thinking about this all day! I know I shouldn’t but every time I see her no matter how hard I try not to think about her I can’t stop myself. To drink or not to drink that is the question, of course it is a flawed question since there is no “not drinking”, time to get loaded and then hope I get up in time for a very important meeting before I have to work! Now it’s just a question of what to drink, do I go with the giant bottle of vodka I have or do I drink like a good Irishmen and drink whiskey? If I’m still able to type later I’ll let you know what I go with, don’t hold your breath though.

UPDATE: Vodka and Sprite, heavy on the Vodka! And heavy on the Godsmack, drink drink, rock out rock out! Now if I just had some guns to shoot at pictures of her…not that I want to kill her, it would just make me feel better! Loud music, large amounts of Vodka and guns….yeah nothing can go wrong there! and if your wondering it’s taking a long time to write this little update, lots of fuck ups!

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