God Bless America

I just finished watching God Bless America, a black comedy written and directed by Bobcat Goldthwait and it was great!  The whole film deals with a man who is sick with the downward spiral of American society and so after learning he has a brain tumor goes on a killing spree to rid the world of the worst people, and along the way he picks up a down and out teen girl who becomes his partner in social justice.

The whole thing was great, the script was written perfectly the cast was superb both in choice for characters and in acting, and the humor was just enough to not make it a serial killer film.  Also all the references to things in today’s society are very clear, even if they are a bit over done at times, but you have to over do it once in a while!  Bobcat comes though again with another great film.  Unless you just hate black comedy you have to see this film, it’s great.