Galway IMT is shutting down

After a lot of thought I have decided to shut down Galway IMT.  I orginally formed the company to run trucking contracts, and after two years of losing every bid I placed I decided to try other things, all of which failed.

In 2015 I formed a company with my mom and we are preparing to launch the site in the next few months.  I’ve known that I was unable to fully focus on Nurse Tutor or Galway IMT, and since Nurse Tutor has more potential for success at the moment and Galway IMT has been unsuccessful for 6 years the choice was obvious (but not easy to come to), Galway IMT should be shut down so that I can devote all my attention to Nurse Tutor.

I don’t consider this a failure, most businesses don’t make it.  But I do see this as a huge lesson, I learned all the skills I will need to run Nurse Tutor Inc. from running Galway IMT, and now I can run Nurse Tutor more effectively and without a huge learning curve.

So yes this is a bit painful as it is my first company and I wanted to make it work, but I also know that this is the best decision in the end.  And who knows, once Nurse Tutor is up and running and I don’t need to give it all of my attention, I can start a new company, I still have lots of ideas.