Free Birds

Having just finished watching Free Birds I don’t understand why it was blasted by so many people, it’s was just a goofy children’s movie about talking turkeys that time travel to stop Thanksgiving.  The critics blasted it for not being historically accurate, give me a break, your watching an animated children’s film about time traveling talking Turkey’s and you think the issue is if it’s historically accurate or not?  Basically what I’m saying here is don’t pay attention to the critics, if you’ve got a young child or just want something goofy like I did, give this a shot, it’s not bad.

Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson give great performances even though it’s just voice work, you can just kind of get a feel for the fact that they were having a good time during this.  George Takei as S.T.E.V.E. stole the show in my opinion, his sarcastic and dry deliveries were great as always.

As you would expect from basically any animated film these days the animation was solid, everything looked good and held up to the minor details.  The music set the mood for each scene nicely and helps you feel what the sense of the moment is about without over doing it.

Would I recommend this film?  Yes.  Do I think it’s something worth watching over and over?  No, unless your five years old, then of course I could understand, but if your five years old why are you reading my blog instead of coloring?  Go watch Free Birds and take a nap!