Well I just finished Fracture with Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling and while it wasn’t bad, you can figure it out if you just give it a little thought. Over all it was just alright, kind of fun to figure out but once you do your just left waiting to be proven right. In the end I’d say give it a watch, it’s not bad.

Now I have to this, what is it that you ladies see in Ryan Gosling? He has the face of a three year old, and he’s just an alright actor. I get the George Clooney thing, hell even I think he’s hot and I’m a guy, but I do not get this Gosling thing. I guess I just have to put him in with Justin Bieber and say I don’t get it and never want to get it! Will I avoid Ryan Gosling films from now on? No, he’s not a horrible actor it’s just that he’s not the great, he’s just ok. There are a lot more talented actors out there that a far better look than Gosling, so get worked up over them not this guy.

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