One jack one Killian’s,
Your one in a billion,
I love you,
And you have no clue.

Take me away from here,
Someone get me another beer,
God why love him,
For you I’d cut off a limb.

I love you,
And you have no clue,
So here I drink,
You have no clue what I think.

I see you talk about him,
I get more grim,
Your earrings make me think of him,
Deeper in the bottle I swim.

I love you and you’ll never know,
You saying his name is a mortal blow,
I want you to be happy,
Even if it’s not with me.

So here I sit writing this rhyme,
And you couldn’t give a dime,
I love you and you’ll never know,
God damn I’m so high yet so low.

I’m destined to be alone,
This truth is known,
Here’s my goodbye,
Now can I just fucking die.

Not half bad for a drunk SOB. Well at least I think so but I’m drunk so who give’s a flying fuck what I think? Black Label Society and Killian’s Irish Red…need I say fucking more?

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