You would think this is the story of the Emperor of Japan vs. the new emperor (supreme commander) General Douglas MacArthur, and you would be right in thinking that, sadly that is a very minor sub plot to a tragic love story that only half played out.  This film left me wondering what the writers were even trying to say, by the time it was over I was disgusted with this entire film.
Well as I said I don’t really know what the writers were trying to say, I mean I really don’t know if they were trying to tell a power struggle story or a love story, or a tragic war is hell even after the war story.  It seemed like there was five different people writing different stories based on the same idea and then they just took a page from each script and made a film.
Honestly it wasn’t that great, maybe it’s because I really didn’t enjoy this film but I just did not like any of tha acting work in this one.
Nothing to complain about, there wasn’t much music to talk about, but what there was seemed to work for the film.
Set Design
Ok I’ll give it to them here, even though this film basically lacked in every department the one thing they got right was the set design, this was totally believable and looked perfect.  The set designers are the only ones who deserve any praise for this film.
Don’t waste your time on this film, it’s slow, it’s boring, it’s a mess of a script, and it will just leave you frustrated and unsatisfied by the time it’s over.