Easy A

I just finished watching Easy A and I have to say it’s a great film; I was hesitant about it because I thought it would be just another teen love film but it is not. The film is well written, deals with an issue no one wants to talk about (sex among high schoolers), has great humor though out the film, and even has some great references to eighties teen films (I know not cool for a 27 year old guy to think that’s good but I love The Breakfast Club and most of the movies with the brat pack, and yes I am listening to “Simple MindDon’t You Forget About Me” as I write). I think what I like the most about this film is the humor has some intelligence to it, well most of the time, I really like it when a film can make me laugh with out the easy way out fart joke. Honestly the only thing I didn’t like about this film was the fact that it had Lisa Kudrow in it, I just can not stand her. If you haven’t seen this Easy A I would highly suggest you see it, it is very enjoyable and will not leave you feeling disappointed when it’s over.

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