Well I just finished watching DREDD and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised!  I really went into this film with low expectations but by the time I got halfway through I was sold, and found that I was really enjoying the film.  Karl Urban was great, he had the voice, the look, everything.  I really liked how you never say him with the helmet off, that was a nice touch that really played well for the hard-ass tough guy he was playing.  This was my first time to see Olivia Thirlby and if she continues to do work like this i will continue to watch her films.

The CGI was great as we have all come to expect these days,  the story I thought was better than the story line in Judge Dredd.  While the Stallone Dredd was good, I found that I liked the darker less child friendly Dredd of Urban, I still love Judge Dredd it’s a part of my childhood, I just see this new version as more to my liking.

If you’re a Dredd fan and haven’t seen this film, you should.  If you’re not a Dredd fan you should still see this film.  I will be buying it at some point, it was that good.