Dracula Untold

This film review is for the movie Dracula Untold, I went into this with an open mind and I’m glad I did.  I’ve heard several stories about how Dracula come to be and this is just another origin story, this has nothing to do with Bram Stoker or his Dracula, this is a very different (and not exactly historically accurate) version of Dracula.  So when you watch this film, and I suggest you do, make sure to suspend belief and just enjoy an action packed monster movie without getting to critical.
Now the cast and their acting I thought was great, Luke Evans in my view was perfect for the role of Vlad/Dracula.  He can really make you believe in the darkness inside his character and yet when the scene calls for it he can show emotion and really make you believe it.  Now Dominic Cooper was the one cast member that I was worried about, I don’t know why but something about his just rubs me the wrong way, having said that I was happy that his role did nothing but enhance the film and not even for one second did I think about my previous feelings about him.  The rest of the cast were excellent as well, and I’ll just say that none of them detract from the film but one serve to add to what I thought was an altogether great film.
Action & Effects
Action and CGI where better than some films that have come out recently.  I don’t want to give anything away so I won’t go into detail but I will say that the CGI done with the bats and Vlad/Dracula was very impressive.  What I really liked about this film was the action, it’s not constant action with no plot, and it’s not lots of talking and self pity with five minutes of action, this film hits the sweet spot and mixes the perfect amount of dialog and action so you never tire of either, and both only serve to add to the story.  Another thing I love about this film is the dark lighting, most films that have action in darkness never really have enough light for the viewer to see what’s going on and that can really pull you out of a film, this film does a really good job and letting the viewer know that the character is in a dark place but yet still having enough light that the view can see what is going on.  My hat is off to the lighting director on this one, Bravo.
Historical Accuracy
Ok as for the historical accuracy of the story, I know that there was a lot that was wrong with the film but you are talking about a mythical being here, I mean to say that the film is bad because some of the history doesn’t match up is like saying Ironman 3 was bad because Tony Stark had an Android phone at the 1999 New Year’s Eve party, just throw out your brain and enjoy this new take on the Dracula legend.