Disturbed Immortalized

So I got the new Disturbed album Immortalized and I can honestly say I’m just alright with it.  I had high hopes for this album, the pre-release tracks sounded great and I was totally pumped to get this album, then I got it.  I spent half my time listening to this album wondering if I should just skip to the next track, I did listen to every track but I had to fight the urge to skip several times.


  1. The songs that are hard and fast are great, Disturbed at their best.
  2. The lyrics are infused with meaning and make for an interesting listen.
  3. The band and Draiman are faster and cleaner than ever.


  1. The lyrics can get a little preachy, Draiman’s lyrics can do this from time to time, it gets old.
  2. Sound effects in the music, like a telephone call at the beginning and and of the song with it in the background during the song.  I just don’t like that.
  3. The Sound Of Silence does not belong on a Disturbed album, maybe make it a separate special release single but this is not disturbed.  I understand artists wanting to branch out and try new things but this fell flat in my eyes.
All in all Immortalized is an alright album.  It’s not Disturbed’s best work but I can still listen to it, I’ll just have to skip a few tracks.  If your a disturbed fan like I am I’d say you should still pick it up if you haven’t already.