democrats and republican messaging machines.

I’ve herd a lot of people talking about the democrats messaging machine and the republicans messaging machine in reference to the way they each get out their message to the American people (you know buy duct tape, watch your neighbor their more than likely a terrorist, vote for me) and I would like to give my views on this.

The democratic messaging machine: The democrats are using a morse code machine, they get their message out but 90% of the population has no idea what it means. The only exception (as far as I can see) is President obama, during the campaign he was running on a Linux OS with a broadband connection, but after he got into office he downgraded to windows 95 and dial-up.

The republicans are using 1960’s and 1970’s broadcast TV, they come out every day spew out a bunch of lies and then wait till the next day to say something different. They are effective and they do make lots of people believe them, “death Panels” anyone, and you have to give them credit for that. And yes I see the irony in saying that they are like TV since fox news is their own private press core.

So maybe what we need is a new government office, “The Office of No Bullshit” they come out every day have a press conference give us the facts and then publish them on the web for everyone to see. Wouldn’t that be nice? An independent nonpartisan government office (like the CBO) that tells us the truth. But what am I thinking, how would the lier’s on both sides control the message! Oh well it was a nice thought!

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