Deflate Gate Insanity

So Tome Brady has been suspended for 4 games and the Patriots have to pay a 1 million dollar fine, ok fine what ever I could care less.  Then I hear that Patriots fans are donating to help pay the fine…Um what?  So let me get this strait Patriots fans, you feel you need to donate money to help a bunch of millionaires who play a game in a stadium owned by a billionaire but build with public funds that you have to pay to enter to see said game, am I getting this all correct?  Are you please insane?
It’s one thing to buy a jersey and some other merchandise, but when your handing over your hard earned money just so the millionaires and billionaires don’t have to wait an extra week to buy their gold plated Ferrari, I’m sorry you’ve lost your mind.  If you’re going to donate your money may I suggest giving it to those who could actually use it, and on that note I present to you the following.