Death Penalty costs to damn much!

From New York Times post on twitter: “NYTimes: Citing Cost, States Consider Halting Death Penalty” Got to love it it’s not that “if you kill us we will kill you back” is wrong “it’s just that it costs to damn much”…Fuck it just go China on their ass and put them on their knees and put a bullet in the back of their head, then send a bill for $5.00 to the family for the bullet. See I’m saving money!

No better yet! Rather than having a half time show at the super bowl that no one will watch anyway we have the mass executions at half time! That’s it, we could shoot some from a cannon into a brick wall, then smash one by putting him in between to semi’s running head on into each other at 70 mph! Oh yeah you know everyone will say this is barbaric and then watch it and give the best half time ratings ever. Thank you George Carlin for this idea, and if you people don’t know what I’m talking about start watching some Carlin from the late eighties till he died trust me it’s funny as hell and you’ll see his five minute rant on this very subject.

But really people if your going to do away with the death penalty for financial reasons don’t say that just say it’s for ethical reasons so you don’t sound like a cheap murdering bastard.

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