Clean and Sober

Clean and Sober is the story of a user, both of drugs & alcohol and of people, and how he try’s to escape from his problems by hiding in a rehab center.  The film is so well done it will stick with you long after you finish it, it just hits home, even if you don’t have any addictions like the people in the film, it just stays with you, it was that good.  Having been in a relationship with a woman with both alcohol addiction and mental illness, I can tell you I saw just how real this film came across, it really does show the levels addicts and the mentally ill will go to to get what they think they need.  Yes it’s a bit of a sad film, but in the end you’ll feel good.
Very well done, the story was obliviously written by someone who knows addiction and mental illness because it was so dead one with everything.  It’s never really long winded at any point, everything has a purpose and moves the film along.  You never really think “why is the part in here?” you just see the addict coming to terms with himself and his life.
Can’t say there was much, but what there was was fine, it worked for the scenes it was in.
Michael Keaton delivers an outstanding performance, if I didn’t know any better I would have thought he really was an addict.  How Keaton didn’t even get nominated for an award for this film is beyond me.  Morgan Freeman.  What He’s in the film, that should be enough.  The rest of the cast is great and no one every really seems out of place, everyone has a place and a part in the film.  Very well done.
If you haven’t seen Clean and Sober you should, it will really help you understand the mind of an addict and you get to see what I think is the best dramatic performances Michael Keaton has ever given.  This film is not easy to find but it’s worth looking for, I know you’ll like it as much as I did.  To help you out I’ve included the widget for Clean and Sober so you can find it in as many places as possible.