I am against circumcision of both genders but I am going to present some views which may seem to contradict that statement. First let look at the medical issues, yes there is some rare cases where you need to remove the male foreskin at birth but they are very rare. Some times the issues present them self later on in life at which point it is a bit more difficult to preform the procedure, but it’s not impossible. Some say that urinary tract infections are more common in un-circumcised boys, this has never been fully proven and it is thought that if the parents took better care of their infant sons this would not be a problem.

Second, aesthetic issues some people just want the son to look like the father and that’s a self serving issue, and by the way what is the father doing comparing is penis to is son’s? Some women say the un-circumcised penis is ugly and they do it to make it look better, well what if I said the Clitoral hood is ugly and I think it should be removed? Oh wait that’s called Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and that’s wrong, but Male Genital Mutilation (MGM) that’s fine, infact every boy should have it done at birth! Tell you what we men won’t decide for you if you can have an abortion or not and you don’t butcher our dicks, deal?

My view is if it’s wrong to cut an infant girl genitals then it’s wrong to cut an infant males genitals. If there is a medical reason then fine but this local anesthetic shit has got to stop, watch this VIDEO and tell me if you think this infant boy is feeling any pain! Seriously, this barbaric practice needs to be outlawed. I look at it this way, women want equal right, that’s fine, but if you want to be equal then you better give up your right not to be cut between the legs right after birth or you should stop cutting up your son’s right after birth! Fair is fair.

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