Channeling my inner Red Forman to talk about the current gun control debate

With the gun debate raging again and people blaming the gun manufacturers let’s just clear something up, it’s not their fault. If a deranged person with a gun shoots me I’m going to blame the person who pulled the trigger, not the company that made the gun, when a drunk driver hits you, you don’t blame the auto maker, you blame the person driving the car!

So how about we start acting like adults and address the issue of mental illness and maybe make it so that people on FBI watch lists can’t buy guns. So stop crying about safe spaces because a deranged person with a gun isn’t going to give a damn about your safe space, I know it’s shocking I’ll let you curl up with your Teddy bear and suck your thumb while you let that sink in.

Grow up America, the world isn’t a safe place and and your not going to legislate into a safe place.