An outsider brought alongStays quiet because he doesn’t belongMocked and ridiculed all in good funThough he was having noneHis back throbbing with painFor his brother he will remainThe night is done and he wants to goThen […]

Would you hate me if I said that I care,Would you say that I was unfair,Would you hate me if I just walked away,Would you forgive me one day,If I […]

Words create the cell,That lock me in a personal hell,There was never any hope,Now I’m left to cope,Drive another mile,In my head another personal trial,Grip tight on the wheel,And wish […]

You broke me,You brought me to my knees,You were with me,And let me think of what could be,All the while you were fucking another,He who said he was my brother,You […]

You pass them every day,Without a thought of the price they pay,Fighting in far off lands,While you shop for your favorite brands,You don’t care about them,It’s you that I condemn,Shop […]

Patch on sleeve,Trident on chest,No longer believe,In being the best,Believe the hype,Live for the dream,Never be the type,To be on the team,A wasted childhood,Working for a goal,That never could,Be made […]

Warriors soul worthless frame,That is the shame,The darkness overshadows the light,As the soul drifts farther every night,The glory and honor never to see,All is lost that once wanted to be,Do […]

Lost in this spaceDreaming of your faceA love never to beI’m in miseryYour with your manThat’s better thanBeing with meThis never will beHe’ll take care you over the yearsI only […]