Movie Review

Ex Machina is a simple idea with a deep meaning, basically it asks “what make us human”.  The story is basic, a billionaire lives in the middle of no where so that he […]

Kingsman: The Secret Service is like John Wick meets James Bond, it’s witty, its funny, and it’s action packed.  Most “action” films these days are watered down PG-13 trash that show just enough action […]

Blackhat is an out of touch disaster, that makes no real world sense, and stretches the imagination so far that it breaks and your left hurting for the rest of the […]

Clean and Sober is the story of a user, both of drugs & alcohol and of people, and how he try’s to escape from his problems by hiding in a rehab […]

Non-Stop was a predictable let down, yes it had a few minor twists but it was nothing big and the ending was ridiculous at best.  This film had me so bored […]

Alright, so I watched Taken 3: The Takening and um what the hell did I just watch?  This is one of those films where if you have popcorn you will be throwing […]

You would think this is the story of the Emperor of Japan vs. the new emperor (supreme commander) General Douglas MacArthur, and you would be right in thinking that, sadly that […]

I didn’t really know what to expect from Up In The Air but I can say I liked it, this is a good one time watch type of film, not something you’ll […]