Blackhat is an out of touch disaster, that makes no real world sense, and stretches the imagination so far that it breaks and your left hurting for the rest of the film.  I had high hopes for this film since Michael Mann was involved and he’s done some great film making over the years, HeatCollateralThe Kingdom, just to make a few, but sadly I was left disappointed and slightly upset at how dumb the film makes must think I am to even buy into half of this turd they call a film.
For the love of god this story was horrible!  I will say that if 90% of the story had been rewritten to make it at least somewhat believable then the basic premise at the end of why the bad guys are doing what they are doing would actually work quite well.  Sadly the people behind this film obviously asked that guy on the internet called 4chan what hackers did then made a film based on what they were told.  I’m pretty sure that the most advance computer the makers of Blackhat have used is the Apple Lisa, because they obviously have no idea what they are talking about and must think anybody who can do a google search must be a wizard.
It was fine I guess, honestly I don’t really remember any music.  Maybe it was so perfect that it blended into the scene and I didn’t even notice it, or more likely the film was so bad that I was screaming in my own head and couldn’t hear the music.  Either way I have no real comment on the music.
I so badly what to just slam everything and everyone in this film but I can honestly say that the acting was fine, no amount of good acting can save this film, but at least there is one positive for this film and it is the acting.  Really the only big name in this film was Chris Hemsworth and while he was fine, and I would watch other films with him in them, I have to admit I couldn’t stop thinking Thor!
Skip it!  Seriously this is just an out of touch attempt to cash in on the trend of older people not understanding how “them computers and interwebs work”.  Plus they must have known that they were making a total turd of a film so they spend the majority of their casting budget on Chris Hemsworth to try and save a doomed before release film.  Don’t waste your time with this one, it’s horrible, and it will leave you wish for the two hours of your life back that it just stole from you.