Best Wort Movie / Troll 2

Well I watched the Best Worst Film a documentary about the worst film ever made Troll 2.  It was kind of funny to see clips from the movie and then see the actors 20 years later and how some were fine with the film, some hates being in it, and one went crazy.  It’s a fun look a the film made by the star of the film 20 years later.

Ok Now as for Troll 2, well it really is one the the worst films ever made, but you have to see it.  Never before has all the aspects of film making be so horribly wrong.  The acting is horrible, the story is horrible, the music is horrible, the directing is horrible, hell even the cultural references are horrible.  After saying all this if you want a good laugh watch it, it’s funny for all the wrong reasons.

If you’ve never seen Troll 2 the I would suggest watching the documentary Best Worst Film first just so you can understand the joy that this horrible movie can bring.