Batman: Year One

I just finished Batman: Year One and I loved it! I’ve never read the comic, but everything I read said the film stuck to the comic almost word for word. I did like how they skipped past all the training leading up to coming back to Gotham and just got right to Bruce becoming Batman. Batman Begins covered the training quite well and there really was no need to go over that again since we all know the story any way. Over all it was a great film, the animation was fantastic, the voices were good, though Bruce Wayne / Batman was a little off, then again for me if it’s an animated Batman the voice has to be done by Kevin Conroy, but I grew up with Batman TAS so I will always think of him as the voice of Batman. If you haven’t seen Batman: Year One yet do yourself a favor and see it, this shows up any movie they make about the boy scout any day!

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