Batman: Under the Red Hood.

I just finished watching Batman: Under the Red Hood, and other than the fact that the voices weren’t the ones from Batman: TAS, it was damn good! I have to admit at first I was thinking this isn’t going to be good since the voices are wrong but I was able to get over it fast since it’s such a good story! I have the way they mixed “A Death In The Family” and “Under The Hood”, what a great idea! I don’t know what more I can say it was just good! Oh wait I know what I can say, the cast should have been a little diffent:
Batman/ Bruce Wayne – Kevin Conroy
Alfred Pennyworth – Clive Revill or Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.
The Joker – Mark Hamill
Ra’s al Ghul – David Warner
But even though they fucked up the voices a little it was still damn good!

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