Barack Obama the car salesmen, and then I go on a little tangent.

After the recent debt ceiling crisis, political talk show host and Mr. Burns look alike, Pete Dominick made a joke about President Obama, I found it funny so I thought I’d post if for all to see.

If President Barack Obama was a car salesmen he’d say to you,

Obama: The price for the car is $60,000

You: I’ll give you $30,000

Obama: Deal, lets go do the paper work.

The joke makes fun of how everything the Republicans wanted they got and Obama gave in on everything the Democrats wanted. Basically what the joke shows is how weak of a negotiator the President really is.

The joke is funny and sadly very true, and Stand Up with Pete Dominick is the only reason I keep my SiriusXM subscription, it’s defiantly not for Howard Stern he’s barley every on! Stern works three days for one weak for four hours a day and then goes on vacation for 1 to 3 weeks, and all he does when he is on air is bitch about how no one respects him and how he saved the company, and how he’s suing the company for not give him more millions on top of the millions he already got from them. Meanwhile you have people like Pete Dominick working 5 days a week every week, only taking two maybe three weeks off per year who aren’t making nearly as much as that egotistical blow hard Howard Stern!

Wow kind of went off on a tangent there, sorry. I’ve just been kind of pissed at Stern since that’s the only reason I upgraded my subscription and he’s never on. After two months of this I’m done, I’m going back to my basic XM subscription and saving some money. As long as i can listen to P.O.T.U.S. and hear Pete Dominick I have all I need, all the other channels suck anyway.

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