Bad Country

Well I just finished the film Bad Country and I have to say I’m happy I watch this film.  I think it’s based on a true story which makes it very interesting, but even if it’s made up it’s still a good film.  The film stars Willem DafoeMatt DillionTom Berenger, and Amy Smart, and is set in the early 1980’s in Louisiana.
The Synopsis
A cop busts a contract killer who is now facing 200 years in prison, to avoid going to prison and be able to take care of his family he works with the police to bring down the largest criminal organization in Louisiana, but when the organization finds out what’s going on they turn on their man forcing the cop and the criminal to work together to bring the organization down.
Over all I was impressed with the plot, it never really lost me or bored me.  There is enough tension to keep you from getting bored, but not so much that your stomach is in a knot, in other words they did it just right.  Really I thought this whole thing was just a well done film, there was never any moment that drew me out of the film because something wasn’t right, it was down to earth and real.  Just good movie making in my book.
What can I say, you have a good cast of actors, no one over the top, and they all put on great performances.
I’d say give this film a shot, it’s actually very good and I’d bet you’d be surprised by just how much you’ll enjoy it.