Back on Blogger

So for any of you that have been reading this blog over the past year you’r going to notice something different, well it’s a long story but I’ll try to sum it up.  I have been blogging for several years and I noticed that my hit count was generally over 100 per day even without posting anything for over a week, when I did post something I generally could get over 500 hits.  So one day I got the bright idea that if I’m doing that well with a blogger domain then I should do even better with my own domain.  So I used my business account and bought and set up hosting with and moved this blog over to them and started blogging on my very own “self-hosted” WordPress blog.

At first I was positive about it, I set up a 301 redirect from Blogger, and got everything setup and working in no time, but then the problems started, plugins started breaking, themes didn’t work with plugins that I needed, and me just plain not knowing what I’m doing and not being able to code a single line.  So I started getting aggravated, and started to hate blogging, and that’s not what I want I do this for fun and I wasn’t having any fun at all.

Then there’s the fact that I have to pay for the domain name and the hosting and I wasn’t generating enough money to cover the bills so I was going to have to take money out of my own pocket to cover the bills and right now my money is so tight that taking $120 for hosting out of my bank account would really hurt me financially.  By the way, $120 is very reasonable, in the year I was with SiteGround I had no down time, and every time I needed tech support they were right there.  Once I get a little money saved up I’ll be hiring a programmer and setting up a new website for a business I have planned and I will will gladly go back to SiteGround for hosting.

So what does all this mean, well I have moved all the important posts from the past year back over to my Blogger account, I’ve transferred the domain to my personal account, and I will be going back to what I was doing before, blogging for fun.  This way I can afford to keep the domain name, and keep the blog going, and enjoy myself instead of spending all my time worrying about what I should write about to try and pull in visitors to sell ads to cover my bills.  So basically I won’t be writing crap I don’t want to write just to sell ads.  Yes I still going to run Google AdSense ads on this blog, but those are connected to my personal AdSense account and will cover the cost of the domain name and what’s left over will be put into the future business fund.

One last thing, don’t make the mistake I made and make the switch needlessly, if I stepped back and really looked at it there really isn’t much that I can do on WordPress that I can do on Blogger, well for my blog at least, I know that WordPress can do MUCH more that Blogger, but I’m talking about a simple blog with an “about” page and one or two other pages.  There was no need for me to make the switch, everything I need I basically have here on Blogger.

Also I won’t be doing movie reviews on this blog any more, I’ve used my business’s Blogger account to set up a blog that is all my movie reviews, the site is called Just Another Movie Review Blog, it’s bare right now but I just set it up so give it some time and check out the Facebook page for it.

So now that I’m back home on Blogger it’s time to let the madness begin again!